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MAYYOR is integrated for a multidisciplinary team of experts in the design, energy, construction, and sustainability areas. We are willing to contribute to your project adding value from our strong expertise and knowledge, and contribute to having better and more environmentally friendly buildings and cities.

Our team 



MAYYOR is integrated for a multidisciplinary team Josue Hoil has an intense career as an Architect, Project Manager, and Construction Director across diverse types of projects such as Healthcare infrastructure, Hospitality, Sports, Communication, Residential, Commercial, and Test Facilities. Had built more than 3,500 hotel rooms, designed and constructed more than 250,000 square meters in 15 years of career.


Josue's Highlights projects had a Presidential opening: CENIAQ Hospital, and Specialities Tower "Manuel Gea Gonzalez", 25,000 and 54,000 sqm respectively. Collaborates on the Sustainable Design Process as a led Architect, Developer of Construction Innovations, and Energy Flow Modeling. Personal interests are Sustainable Design, Sustainable Energy Development, and Food Security.


As an Indigenous Maya Member, Josue promotes food security, the roots of Maya architecture, and the conservation of Maya lifestyle as a Social Worker through a project called Milpa Maya Conservation allied to diverse Maya Communities.

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